Sophia Ryan

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She Likes It Irish -- A wager made in a moment of lust has Kristin and Sean rethinking their vows to avoid love.

Irish archaeology grad student Sean O'Neill comes to America and falls for American grad student Kristin DeMarco. Fate brings them together and tosses them into love, but it might not be strong enough to overcome the outside forces trying to pull them apart. Kristin and Sean both carry wounds from relationships gone wrong, but a sex wager between them, made and accepted in a moment of lust, soon has them rethinking their vows to avoid love, especially when healing touches and kisses are building new ideas of how good love can be with the right person. 

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Dirty Little Secret -- Angela and Nick's secret affair could destroy everything they've worked for and those they love.

Angela Abbott has the best life money can buy. But that life of privilege has its rules. And rule number one is don’t fall for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Sexy, hot, dangerous Nick Spencer is everything she needs to stay away from, but the more she sneaks off to be with him, the harder she falls. She’ll do anything to keep Nick her dirty little secret. Nick Spencer's goal to escape the dead-end life laid out for him didn’t include a secret affair with a preppy princess in pearls and lace. But he's fallen, and not just because of the hot sex. Angela sees him as more than just the trash across the tracks, and it’s giving him crazy ideas about being the guy who makes her dreams come true. But first he has to get her to admit they’re more than sex buddies. When their secret comes out, Angela will have to come clean about what it is she wants most—the trappings of her privileged lifestyle, or the love of the bad boy who’s oh-so-good for her.

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6 Days of You -- Lily and Daryl won't get the fall break they hoped for, but they might get something better.

Lily Ross’s uber-conservative boyfriend Michael finally agrees to let her visit over fall break, but only if she agrees to his no-sex rule. Unfortunately, he has ditched her for a trip to Vail, a blizzard has hit, and she’s forced to stay the week with his grumpy, gay, totally yummy roommate. Then the heat in the building shuts down, and she discovers two things—the sexy stud is hotter than any furnace and he’s definitely not gay. No-sex rule? How about no rules? After a nasty break-up with his girlfriend, Daryl McKay’s looking forward to a quiet week without his annoying roommate. His plans go awry when a pissed off but sexy-as-sin blonde, suitcase in hand, barges in claiming to be Mike’s girlfriend. Daryl doesn’t have the heart to tell her Mike’s away with two gorgeous redheads, and with snow piling up and most of campus closed, he can’t throw her out. He'd never move in on his roommate’s girl, but as the feisty bombshell settles in, the tiny dorm room grows smaller and certain parts of his body grow bigger. It's going to be a hell of a long and sexy six days.

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Sin City Alibi -- What happens in Vegas sometimes follows you home. 

Jumping libido first into a cliché Vegas fling is the last thing on Dani Parker’s mind when she flies to Sin City for some R&R after her lover/boss, Elliott, dumps her. But an innocent night of flirty fun with a sexy hunk she knows only as Matt whirlwinds into a sinfully hot weekend. Back home, she discovers her boss has been murdered, her Vegas fling is heading the investigation into financial irregularities for the company she works for, and she's smack-dab in the middle of both. Matt Collins has filled his life with work and no-strings sex since the day his heart went on lockdown. No woman ever cracked that lock. Until Dani. Now all he wants is her in his bed and in his life, but the odds are stacked against him. She can't accept his conditions for love, there's evidence suggesting she and her former lover embezzled from the company, and the cops arrest her for Elliott’s murder. His gut tells him she's innocent, and he wasn't just an alibi, but his heart remembers the brutal past that still haunts him. When everything Matt and Dani hold dear is on the line, they’ll learn that sometimes risking everything leads to the most satisfying payouts.

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Only Forever -- Sometimes one lifetime isn't enough.

From the moment Sabrina Sullivan sets foot on the Irish dig site with her archaeologist husband, a destructive brew of natural and supernatural forces conspires to break their bond. The most destructive force of all is the inexplicable sexual energy relentlessly pulsing between her and her new boss — her husband’s best friend — making her want things she shouldn’t. When her marriage begins to crack under the strain, Sabrina is faced with the most difficult choice of her life – reach across the chasm of mistakes to hold on to the man she loved enough to marry, or forge a new life with the man who has been hers forever.

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A Cowboy's Forgiveness -- Love brought them together; only forgiveness can keep them there.

Charleigh Simms is shocked to hear she’s inherited her late husband’s family ranch. More shocking are the strings attached to it—spend a year learning the ropes from the sexy cowboy who broke her heart six years ago. But to secure her son’s future, there’s nothing she won’t do. Even risk having her heart broken again. For six years, Josh has worked hard to get over Charleigh’s betrayal. Now she’s back in town and needs him to help her and her son hold on to the ranch they’ve inherited. In exchange, he gets a chunk of change and a valuable piece of land. But every interaction with Charleigh and the boy has him hoping for moreto be a permanent part of their lives. All he has to do is find a way to forgive her. Love between them grows stronger every day, but when the secrets come out, even love might not be enough to earn a cowboy’s forgiveness.

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Meant To Be -- Long-time best friends on the cusp of being lovers will risk everything

Claire Corbie has only one thing on her summer to-do list—seduce Noah Wolf out of the friend zone before she leaves for college. One little problem…her bold move could end her most important relationship. But the chance to be his lover is worth the risk. Noah and Claire have been stuck in the friend zone far too long. Before she leaves for college, he hopes to change that. Revealing his true feelings could destroy the most important relationship in his life, but for a chance to be her lover, it’s a risk he’s ready to take. Whether they end the summer as friends or lovers depends on what they’re willing to give—and give up.

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